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All about Keyword Research. Theory, Strategy and tools.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are a single or collection of words that people use in Google searches. For example, if someone needs a web development service, then he will search “Best web development service” on google. Here the “Best web development service” is a keyword.

Type of Keywords: Long vs. Short Tail Keyword

There are two types of keywords out there.

  1. Long Tail Keyword
  2. Short Tail keyword

As we can see from their name Long Tail Keyword is a large number of words in keywords. If we count the number of words in long-tail, it will be more than 5.

Example: Where I can get the best web development service

In Short Tail keyword number of the word is very few 1 to 5

Long Tail KeywordShort Tail Keyword
Number of words more than 4Number of words 1 to 4
Low search volumeHaigh search volume
Easy to rankHard to rank

Keyword Research Tools

Many free and paid tools help find out the best keyword we can target from our website. Before Keyword Research, we need to keep four things in mind.

  1. Google Trends
  2. Search Volume
  3. Keyword Ideas
  4. Keyword Competition
Paid tools

Social media marketing + SEO

SEO Focus

Free Tools

Google Trends

Search Volume

Chrome Extension:

Keyword Idea

Paid tools give a list of the idea, but we can use different tools and our brains for free. In Google search at the end, we can found the related keyword. Keyword Surfer also shows related keywords. is also a great tool to know what people ask about your topics.

You can also use to get more keyword ideas for your business.

Keyword Competition

Paid tools have the option to see KD (Keyword Difficulty). For Free, we can use or other tools. I recommend using any single tool to see all your KD.

To know about competitors targeted keywords:

KGR Strategy

Try to find out keywords that none of use.

allintitle : keyword / search volume

The score needs to be less than 1.

I will keep update this tutorial. Visit frequently for more SEO Tutorial

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